Business Meetings – Gift Ideas to Impress Clients

gifts-business-meetingThe main focus of most business meetings with clients, is to present ideas or discuss some important issues regarding the company. They are set-up to establish working relationships and to help in the growth and success of a company. Therefore, meetings and presentations should be carried out in a way that is professional and aimed at impressing the clients. The distribution of corporate gifts during a meeting is a great way to help achieve this goal.

Corporate gifts at meetings can promote a company in a positive light and show the clients how highly they are regarded. Gaining any type of advantage in business is vital for any company’s prosperity and must be taken whenever possible. That is why business meetings are the perfect arena. It provides personal interaction with a company and its clients.

There any many types of corporate gifts one can choose. Many will go with a specific promotional gift that has their company logo on it. This is perfectly fine and will go a long way in making a lasting impression on your clients, but do not forget to use your own creative thinking when deciding the gifts. Thinking outside the box or even making the gifts personal will also achieve a lasting impression; maybe even a better one.

Making the gifts apart of the meeting is a good strategy. For example, having padfolio folders available with the company logo embedded on the front. Allowing the client to take notes when ever it is needed. Company logo pens will always come in handy, as well as calculators, business organizers or even a briefcase for the client. In case they need to take any relevant documents with them when they leave. Any one of these gifts or a combination of them, should make a positive and lasting impression on the client.

Depending on the meeting and the client, you can try to make the gifts more personal. But in order to do that you will have to know the client you are meeting. If you do not know anything personal about the client, make a quick call to discover what the client’s hobbies are or what they like to do outside of work. Making a gift personal for that client will show them that they are not just a regular client, but someone special, someone you want to build a strong and successful working relationship with. A client that receives a personal corporate gift will tend to remember a company in a positive manner.

One thing you should try to avoid when giving out corporate gifts at meetings, is low quality gifts. Low quality gifts, does not mean cheap. Every company will have a budget for corporate gifts. Sometimes that budget means you will not be able to afford expensive gifts. That is perfectly fine, as long as the gifts are of good quality. This means they should at least have some level of usefulness and durability. Low quality gifts can disrupt your meetings and even harm the reputation of a company. Choosing corporate gifts wisely for a business meeting will help make sure clients leave impressed and with lasting positive memories about the company.

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